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E-NEWS on January 24, 2019
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Dear Friends,

Last Sunday we would have heard the story of Jesus’ first miracle in the Gospel of John: turning water into wine at a wedding. In the days leading up to last Sunday, the New York Times provided a wonderful sermon illustration, “When Cultural Circles are Expanded and Redrawn,” about the marriage of a Muslim woman and a Roman Catholic man. It is no wonder that Jesus’ first miracle or sign was at a wedding as weddings are always the celebration of cultural circles being expanded and redrawn, celebrations worthy of water turning into wine.
As there is such a moment happening in our extended family this weekend, Jill and I will be away to celebrate the marriage of a nephew in Cleveland. Thus Rev. Natalie Austrian will preach this Sunday. She is a longtime friend of the congregation and we are grateful she is able to step into the pulpit once again!

Bristol Lodge, Saturday, January 26
This Saturday evening CCW will be serving at Bristol Lodge. If you can help, please respond to Julie Townsend through Sign Up Genius ( ). Thank you.
Let’s Talk, …. Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3
Talking about race in this country is difficult. Using the PBS documentary, Traces of the Trade, and accompanied by one of the persons in the film, James DeWolf Perry, the Congregational Church of Weston, 130 Newton Street, seeks to better equip ourselves for having this conversation as well as getting our history right. Traces of the Trade follows the pilgrimage of a family as they discover that their ancestors were slave traders, trace the implications for today and explore means of reconciliation. Slavery has been described as our country’s “original sin,” arriving in the American experiment in 1619 (400 years ago) and one year before the Pilgrims!
On Saturday morning, February 2, beginning at 9am, the Congregational Church of Weston and the surrounding community are invited to a showing of the Traces of the Trade DVD and a conversation with James DeWolf Perry, one of the family members and historian, about its broader meaning for interpreting our life together as Americans. Come, join the conversation!
On Sunday morning, February 3, James DeWolf Perry will return for the congregation’s 10:30 worship and join in a conversation with the congregation and community about future steps.

Be an invitation! There are additional brochures and posters to share with friends available at church.

Annual Meeting, February 10
Over the past week, you have received a Call to the Annual Meeting from our Moderator, Chris Paquin, and a copy of 2019 Statement of Purpose from our discernment process from Paul Schendel on behalf of the Stewards. The Statement of Purpose will be voted on at our Annual Meeting. It will be voted up or down at the meeting. Your opportunity to wordsmith is now – contact Paul or one of the Stewards; or speak with the Stewards after worship this Sunday.

See you soon,
Richard Edens

THIS SUNDAY, January 27, 2019, 10:30 am
Rev. Natalie Austrian preaching.
The Altar Arrangement this morning is given by Elaine Lai Fulton. Our greeters and ushers this morning are Sandy and EQ Bjorkman. Vin Shelton is today’s Deacon and Liturgist.

Faith Discovery Information
First Steps Caregiver (Ages 0-4) Sharon Kuhn
All other children will join the congregation in worship. After the Anthem, all children will go with Cathy for either a craft in the sanctuary, or for a one room Sunday class.

There are sign up clipboards in the hallway for flowers, ushering and hosting. We are more dependent than ever for you to sign up. We do not have an administrative assistant to call seeking someone or as a reminder.

Looking Ahead
Next Week Feb 03 Deacon Elaine Lai Fulton
Greeters/Ushers OPEN
Coffee Hour Elaine Lai Fulton and Lucy Saunders
Flowers Elaine Lai Fulton

Looking Ahead
Next Week Feb 10 Deacon Betsy Bailey
Greeters/Ushers Mary Cross
Coffee Hour SOUP-ER Sunday
Flowers OPEN

2019 Calendar – Congregational Church of Weston UCC

FEB 02, 9am Saturday morning retreat, Traces of the Trade, with James DeWolf Perry,

NEXT SUNDAY, Feb. 3, 2019, 10:30 am Harnish Lecture Continues

Copies of the DVD to view at home are available. Please speak a member of the Harnish Planning Committee: Mary Cross, Ann Marie Kreft, Cathy Liddell, Vin Shelton, Jessica & Paul Schendel or call the church office.

FEB 10 5th Sunday after Epiphany, Annual Meeting
Pursuant to our By-laws, the congregation is hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of The Congregational Church of Weston will be held after an abbreviated morning worship service on Sunday, February 10, 2019. The official business of the meeting includes:
• Receiving Annual Reports for the year 2018
• Receiving Reviewed Financial Reports for the year 2018
• Adopting the 2019 Church Budget
• Reviewing the recommendations for Officers, Stewards and Committee Chairpersons for 2019 and adoption of the nominated slate
• Discussion and review of Churches ALIVE program
• Ratify our new mission statement
• Review the current status and plans to explore our two options

FEB 17 6th Sunday after Epiphany
FEB 24 7th Sunday after Epiphany

MAR 03 Last Sunday after Epiphany (TRANSFIGURATION)
MAR 10 1st Sunday of Lent (Daylight Saving Time begins)
MAR 17 2nd Sunday of Lent (St. Patrick’s Day)
MAR 24 3rd Sunday of Lent
MAR 31 4th Sunday of Lent

APR 07 5th Sunday of Lent
APR 14 Palm/Passion Sunday
APR 28 2nd Sunday of Easter
On the afternoon of April 28, CCW and First Parish of Weston will host a Creation Justice Conversation with Rev. Jim Antal, former MACUCC Conference Minister and author of Climate Church, Climate World: How Peop

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