Our Core Beliefs

We are a living tradition…
Gathered nearly sixty years ago “with a trust born of God,” for many years we were intentionally “a church without walls,” building our faith community in members’ homes while worshiping at Country School. Fifty years ago an edifice of simple grace was constructed to fit into our natural surroundings. Founded in the tradition of New England Congregationalism, we retain that character, while embracing our membership in the progressive social justice spirit of the United Church of Christ. The early emphasis on caring relationships and warm fellowship characterizes us to this day.

We welcome all visitors and new members. While Worship is the door through which most enter CCW, others explore our Youth Group, Outreach, Music, Adult Education, and Fellowship programs. Our congregation attracts members from many surrounding towns. Join us as we live the Christian faith…..together.

That we are free yet responsible!
In our Christian tradition, we are each free to develop our own coherence of faith and belief, while called to live in covenantal responsibility with each other.

That all of us are ministers!
Our clergy are not set apart, but set among us, for all of us are ministers. Each of us is called to discern how to use the gifts and graces God gives for us to develop.

That God is still speaking…
and that we are listening
and discerning, open to change!

That God’s care is extravagantly inclusive!
We are a voted OPEN and AFFIRMING congregation, celebrating each and every person as a child of God. Our openness includes those of any race, gender, sexual orientation, or other circumstance. We are a congregation that affirms each person as a child of God. We are open to all, including those of any race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age or economic circumstances. We welcome all those who wish to explore, develop and deepen their faith in response to God’s call. All are invited to join fully in our church’s common life, mission and worship through participation, leadership and service.

See UCC Open and Affirming Resolution.


That Christ is the head of the church!
That we are called to be a movement of the Spirit!

…cherishing ties that develop naturally from our personal size and scale.

Our Statement of Identity and Mission

Inspired by Christ and the Word of God, The Congregational Church of Weston, UCC, witnesses to the power of God to shape and change human lives. We support the bold preaching of God’s love and justice, along with inspiring music and evocative liturgy. We strive for excellence in our educational and music programs. We seek to express compassion in our shared ministry of outreach to one another and to the world family of God’s people. Drawing our members from many surrounding communities, we covenant together locally and with the wider United Church of Christ.

We respect the theological and intellectual integrity of our members’ faith and beliefs, and do not requite adherence to a particular creed. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds and traditions, honoring the gifts of the members of all ages bring. As a church which is personal in style, we value the climate of warmth and compassion where we comfort and find joy in each other. As a congregation we embody more of the justice and mercy of Christ together than we can alone. We regularly gather to celebrate and deepen out Christian faith, so that we might more faithfully go forth, responding to the Holy Spirit’s call and claim upon our lives.