It’s mid-August and plans are indeed taking shape for an exciting and meaningful year in Faith Discovery for Children!

We are being BOLD for starters, taking on the theme “Science and Faith Walk Hand in Hand.” This is a topic even adults grapple with sometimes, and children probably do, too, as their exposure in school to science and scientific discoveries expands. Sprinkled throughout the 3 months of fall will be 4 wonderful videos, “Science and Faith for Youth Ministry,” created for children/youth from age 10 and up. (It says 10 and up, but I have every confidence that 3rd graders will not be in the dark, even if they don’t catch every single point.) The videos are narrated by a self-proclaimed “science nerd” who is also an ordained minister, and who now teaches physics at the college level. Interesting guy! His thoughts over the course of the 4 videos will guide our discussions.

Faith in Action. Interspersed during the fall will be opportunites to link up our faith with action for a clean environment, caring for creation. Since we are supporting Clean Water Action with our weekly offerings, we will choose activities that help them. In addition, I will invite people from our church family who have given thought to the science/faith blend in their own lives.
This will be Faith Discovery and Faith in Action on a high, and yet accessible level. The goal is introduce the children to the different kinds of questions science and faith ask, and to lead them to see that science and faith do walk hand in hand, one might even say they need each other.
First Sunday back is September 9. When we meet on September 9th we will set up our Where’s the Food food drive and delve into the book “Is That Story True?” as we begin to see the different ways a story can be true. September 9 is also Sundae Sunday! We welcome each other back over ice cream and toppings. NOT TO BE MISSED!