We are up and running with our BOLD program for this fall, building on our theme “Science and Faith Walk Hand in Hand”  and putting our faith into action.

Here’s what’s coming up in October:

October 7 we celebrate together, all in worship, World Wide Communion Sunday. We are part of a very long story, and it’s so good to take that in as a family. All the Christians in the world celebrating together!

October 14 we see our second video, Cosmic Adventure Through Science and Faith – Hurtling Through Space.

October 21 we see our third video, Cosmic Adventure Through Science and Faith – Lobsters and Poetry. How about that for an intriguing title? Come and see…

October 28 a special Sunday indeed. Stay tuned for what’s up!

Faith in Action. Already we have set in motion our annual “Where’s the Food? food drive, the name taken from a workshop rotation series we did 6 years ago about hunger. Deliveries are being made weekly to the Weston Council on Aging Food Pantry. And we opened our eyes to to subject of Environmental Justice, using the Golden Rule as inspiration. The children wrote letters to Governor Baker asking him to take care of the people of low means who live in precarious circumstances when the sea level rises.
We will also be hearing from people within our church family who have given thought to the science/faith blend in their own lives.
This is Faith Discovery and Faith in Action on a high, and yet accessible level. The goal is introduce the children to the different kinds of questions science and faith ask, and to lead them to see that science and faith do walk hand in hand, one might even say they need each other.

New to this page? Here, a little about our Video series. Trying to figure out how to reconcile science with faith is a topic even adults grapple with sometimes, and children probably do, too, as their exposure in school to science and scientific discoveries expands. The videos we are watching to guide us in this journey comes from “Science and Faith for Youth Ministry,” created for children/youth from age 10 and up. (It says 10 and up, but I have every confidence that 3rd graders will not be in the dark, even if they don’t catch every single point.) The videos are narrated by a self-proclaimed “science nerd” who is also an ordained minister, and who now teaches physics at the college level. Interesting guy! His thoughts over the course of the 4 videos will guide our discussions.