Dear Members and Friends,

The Congregational Church of Weston is in the midst of a discernment process about our future or, perhaps, better stated as, between our futures“What is God calling us to be and to do?” is a question with many “good” answers but which is our answer?

St. Ignatius initiated what is now a 500-year tradition of discernment to answer the question of “what is God’s will.” At the risk of simplification, he encouraged people to cultivate spiritual muscles with the exercise of openness, generosity, courage, interior freedom, prayerful reflection on experience, having one’s priorities straight (or keeping God first), and not confusing ends with means.

The next step in our discernment process on Sunday, June 17, immediately following worship is to discuss the assessment report that we receive at the end of our first session together on May 20.  If you need a copy, please speak with a Steward (Chris Paquin, Mary Cross, Ann Marie Kreft, Paul Schendel or Vin Shelton) or one of the Pastors.

Equipped with the Assessment Report we will be challenged to find the intersection of

(1) our passion as conveyed by the Appreciative Inquiry portion of the report,

(2) what we are best at as seen in our self-reporting and history, and

(3) the resources available to us as self-reported and found in the demographics.

Our current “why,” how we manifest that purpose and its sustainability should be revealed as explore that intersection.  In subsequent sessions, we will explore whether our current “why” or purpose is what we believe is God’s calling of us today.

Part of the process is for us to dwell with the challenges before us and to not immediately seize on a solution.  As the poet, Rilke, has famously said, “… the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far into the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

So, for now, let us be open to the movement of the Spirit, generous with ideas, courageous with our imagination, free from self-interest, reflective in our prayers, prioritizing God first, and conscious of the conviction represented by our choices.  Hope to see you on Sunday, June 17.

Rick & Jill Edens