A Conversation with Dr. Vincent Rougeau
New Date – November 23, beginning at 9am

In his poem, “My Great-Grandfather’s Slaves,” Wendell Berry has written, “I am owned by the blood of all of them / Who ever were owned by my blood. / We cannot be free of each other.” Our country and many of our forebears built a civilization using bondage, discrimination and racial privileging. Generations later and after sweeping changes in law, culture and individual beliefs, we continue to see profound racial disparities in employment, health, justice, education, housing, wealth and life expectancy. If “we cannot be free of each other,” let us embrace one another with the courage to see beyond our deep self-interest to conceal and with faith that a future together will be richer, not bitter.

On November 23, the Congregational Church of Weston UCC, 130 Newton Street, Weston, has invited Dr. Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College Law School, to engage in a conversation about Unearthing the Roots of Racism. Dean Rougeau is an expert in Catholic social thought, an editor of the Harvard Human Rights Journal while a student at Harvard Law School and the author of Christians in the American Empire: Faith and Citizenship in the New World Order.

To address current racial disparities and to change their trajectory, we need to rightly remember and understand our past. Gather with the Congregational Church of Weston UCC, 130 Newton Street, Weston, on Saturday morning, November 23. For more information: office@westonucc.org or 781-899-5417.