This coming Sunday will be a proclamation of hope as Ann Marie Kreft, Cathy Liddell, Phil & Lucy Saunders, and Paul & Jess Schendel lead worship.  As a Lenten book study we read Climate Church, Climate World, the new book written by the Massachusetts’ Conference Minister, Jim Antal.  Yes, it begins with the sobering reality that the ordering of creation we knew has been disordered by human activity over the past century; however, the book does not leave you despairing that nothing can be done.  It is call to the Church and each congregation to bear witness to the hope that is within us that change is possible and that we can participate in that change.


Join us for worship at 10:30 wearing your work clothes.  Weather permitting, we will continue our celebration of Creation and our role as co-creators by moving out onto the church grounds and complete a few tasks.  And at the end of this E-News you will find a poster from Sustainable Weston (and Katherina Wilkins) encouraging a Weston Cleanup between April 22- 28.